Helping People Refine the Art of Relating

Helping People Refine the Art of Relating

Helping People Refine the Art of Relating

Helping People Refine the Art of Relating

Helping People Refine the Art of Relating

Helping People Refine the Art of Relating

You’re probably here looking for a way through a crisis you are experiencing in your life or to find a new way to communicate with a loved one to resolve a difference or a conflict.

The work we do together can support you making fundamental changes in how you wish to  live your life, and relate to those around you. Although it can be a painstaking endeavor, the struggle is often balanced with joy, exhilaration and laughter.

I love the magic of psychotherapy ~  the art of helping people explore who they are in the world and how to bring meaning to their life and relationships.

There is always a way.

To all my current and prospective clients

In light of the current concerns related to COVID-19 and the recent mandates of the Santa Clara County, I have transitioned solely to telehealth services until further notice. Please know that the health and wellness of my clients, as well as the extended community remain a priority.

Although I truly value the person-to-person experience, I feel so grateful to have this modern day alternative with online video-based sessions. As I see it, counseling must go on.

I would encourage everyone to:

  • be open to online therapy – Yes – I know it’s a new “normal” for the time being, and change is difficult (although not impossible) – so I would invite you to give it a try. Ongoing therapy promotes connection and support at this time, and it also provides a structure for ongoing relationships.
  • keep showing up for your ongoing sessions – to help you stay grounded and to continue the work you have invested so much time in already.
  • let me know how you’re doing – in the situation we are in, and in the sessions. I am committed to working with you in a flexible and adaptive manner.

Please contact me directly – on my contact page – or by calling.
I am so thankful for your patience and understanding during this temporary time of uncertainty. It is my hope and intention to resume normal therapy sessions as soon as it is safely possible. Till then I am happy to be a trusted online resource.


  • It’s OK to feel ……(name the feeling overwhelmed, afraid, uncertain, confused)
  • It’s OK to take walks, naps and hot baths when you need it
  • It’s OK to give yourself permission to do things differently
  • It’s OK to take a breath
  • and Last but not least, It’s OK to seek help

In the meantime, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. Re-Connect, Re-Kindle (your relationships) and Re-Cover.

Individual Therapy

Together we can help you find your way back to a successful, loving and joyfully connected life. You may be feeling stuck and discouraged in one or perhaps many areas of your life. Or perhaps you have recently suffered a devastating loss and don’t know how you’ll ever get back up again and start living. Whether it’s more satisfaction in your work, more connection in your relationships, or simply more peace of mind, I can help.

Group Therapy

While it’s true that each of us is unique and may have unique circumstances, none of us is alone in our struggles. There is magic and power in a group therapy setting, where open, lively discussion, and a shared desire for self-exploration and growth can help each find his or her own voice. The synergy found in group therapy can be the key to better communication, deeper connections, and healing old wounds.

Couples Therapy

Relationships are a journey. At times we can feel tired, disconnected, or in conflict. But conflict can be an amazing opportunity for growth. Learn to communicate clearly with your beloved, overcome the shadows of unmet childhood needs, and work through life’s frustrations and setbacks as partners again, rather than opponents. Let me help you find more intimacy, more connection, and a renewed sense of hope.

I love helping my clients explore the meaning of their lives, and rekindle their passion for living their best life – as an individual and in relationship.

If after reading through my website, you feel you would want to work with me, contact me using the form below, or give me a call at 408.892.6927 and we can set up an initial consultation.

How Can I Help?

There is always a way to find the path back to wellness and joy. Let’s find that way together.

Please contact me to schedule an initial Inquiry Session to learn how we might work together.

Contact me by phone at 408.892.6927 or use this simple form to send me a confidential email.

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